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Perfume Discovery Set
Perfume Discovery Set

Perfume Discovery Set

Discover high-quality, sophisticated perfumes with this set that includes Free US Shipping:

Beast Mode  — my new minimalist fragrance of intensities with crystalline notes of black pepper, licorice, real tuberose, and studio-tinctured Madagascar vanilla beans, structured on a duplex of ambergris and true civet.

Timbre — a revered and unique woody-citrus composition resplendent with fresh yuzu and mandarin, real Vietnamese oud, myrrh, galbanum, and musty-dry cedar.

33 — a sophisticated green vetiver perfume, supported by facets of fennel, angelica, orris root, cocoa powder, paprika, straw, and hyrax, a musk reminiscent of natural history museums and old libraries. Unique, strong, striking.

Io — a woody, smoky, dry incense evoking imagery of springtime California hiking trails. Top notes of dusty dirt and cypress leaves develop into cedar detritus and peat, burning frankincense, labdanum, dried peppers, and sun-softened tree resin. Exceptionally long-lasting without being sticky.

Read reviews of my full line on Fragrantica, whose users highly rate Chris Rusak Perfume.

Unisex — for women, men, and non-binary skin.

No added colors or artificial preservatives.

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