Perfume Sample Discovery Pack
Perfume Sample Discovery Pack wrapping

Perfume Sample Discovery Pack

Discover three unique perfumes with this sample pack.

Io — a woody, smoky, dry incense evoking imagery of springtime California hiking trails, with notes of dirt, cedar detritus, peat, cypress leaves, frankincense, labdanum, dried peppers, and other sun-softened tree resins.

33 — a fresh green vetiver perfume, supported by notes of fennel, angelica, orris root, cocoa powder, straw, and hyraceum, a musk reminiscent of natural history museum dioramas.

Quasi una absurdia — a classic white floral with notes of fresh mint, lily, ylang, jasmine, tonka bean, vanilla bean, powdery candle wax, and lily pollen captured via studio tincture.

Includes one .7ml sample vial of each, artfully packed.

No artificial colors or preservatives. Paraben- & phtalate-free. Organic and non-GMO alcohol. Eaux de parfum.

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