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Perfume Discovery Set

Perfume Discovery Set

Discover high-quality, sophisticated perfumes with this four-sprayer set that includes Free US Shipping:

Resonance — Sappy resins. Super-saturated, sour incense. Dried citrus peel and wood in all their dimensions.

After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body) and Leaves My Body— these perfumes' notes are kept hidden until the collector wishes to reveal them, allowing perfume lovers to experience a fragrance with minimal marketing bias.

Beast Mode  — a minimalist fragrance of intensities, with crystalline notes of black pepper, licorice, real tuberose, and studio-tinctured Madagascar vanilla beans, structured on a duplex of ambergris and true civet.  A long-lasting, and unique unisex floral.

Unisex — built with everyone in mind.