I am an artist who works in Los Angeles.

I make things, like perfume and visual art.

I teach at The Institute for Art and Olfaction, where many brilliant people are working to erase a separation between the worlds of perfumery and fine art.

I find substantial pleasure working in the mostly unseen olfactive space. The medium is nevertheless hyper-challenging. Its intangibility and invisibility forces one to adapt their critical and creative faculties in ways that don’t often apply in other fine art mediums. For instance, while a painter can stop and assess her in-progress work for as long as she pleases, a perfumer must work against the temporal disappearance of her dispersed creation.

My perfumery objectives, like my visual work, are heavily influenced by art history and philosophy, how we create culture and how we create consciousness, and the worlds of house music, the Southern California deserts, and caffeine.

My perfumes contain high percentages of exceptional natural materials, including true musks, floral absolutes, and high-quality resins. They are all unisex and crafted for long-term enjoyment, worthy of aging like classic, vintage perfumes.


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