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Chris Rusak uses high-quality materials to create original perfumes. He draws influence from a broad spectrum of culture and history — from late-nineties house music to Continental philosophy, or from grassy baseball fields to arid Southern California deserts.

His unique fragrances recall perfumery of yesteryear yet display a contemporary sensibility. Large percentages of natural materials, studio-made tinctures, and fresh-collected resins inject distinctive and vivid notes not often found in fully synthetic or mass-market brands.

Every studio product is handmade. Each sprayer bottle is hand-signed in permanent enamel. Every bottle and package is hand-wrapped. Each new studio project is meant to provide collectors with a unique experience not found elsewhere, encouraging both unencumbered pleasure and clearer introspection.

Rusak has maintained a visual art practice and exhibited since 2002. He holds a degree in Art History summa cum laude from UCLA.

He lives and works in Los Angeles.