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Chris Rusak uses high-quality materials to create original perfumes and construct unique visual artwork. He draws influence from a broad spectrum of culture and history — from late-nineties house music to Continental philosophy, or from grassy baseball fields to arid Southern California deserts.

His unique fragrances recall perfumery of yesteryear yet display a contemporary sensibility. Large percentages of natural materials, studio-made tinctures, and fresh-collected resins inject distinctive and vivid notes not often found in fully synthetic or mass-market brands.

Every studio product is handmade. Each sprayer bottle is hand-signed in permanent enamel. Every bottle and package is hand-wrapped. Each new studio project is meant to provide collectors with a unique experience not found elsewhere, encouraging both unencumbered pleasure and clearer introspection.

Rusak has maintained a visual art practice and exhibited since 2002. He holds a degree in Art History summa cum laude from UCLA. He has previously taught at The Institute for Art and Olfaction, an internationally recognized arts organization "devoted to advancing public, artistic and experimental engagement with scent."

He lives and works in Los Angeles.