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These are the terms and conditions for the Super Subscriber Giveaway ("Giveaway") hosted directly by CHRIS RUSAK /// LLC (the "Studio").

Entries for the Giveaway open on February 20, 2021 and will continue on a rolling basis through a series of staggered entry opportunities. Each entry opportunity may have its own unique expiration date, however all entries for the Giveaway will close sometime in the second quarter of 2021 (between March 29, 2021 and June 27, 2021, inclusive) to be timed in concert with the release of Studio Series 12.

The closing date for the Giveaway will be published on this page at least one week prior to the actual closing and all entrants will be notified of this publication and their valid entry at that time.

The Giveaway is open to all currently registered and recently active email subscribers of Studio Updates, who possess a shipping address in the United States or in any of the designed countries to which the Studio can currently ship as listed on the Shipping page.

To enter you must: be a currently registered and recently active email subscriber to Studio Updates; receive and open a Studio Update email sent directly from and addressed by the Studio to your registered email address, which contains a hyperlink to record your entry; click the hyperlink to record your entry; and, remain a subscriber for the duration of the Giveaway.

In order to determine the winner in an objective, unbiased, and transparent way as possible, after closure of entries for the Giveaway, each entrant will be assigned a unique anonymous identifier ("Entry ID") which will be listed on a publicly available spreadsheet (the "matrix") prior to winner selection.

For the purpose of selecting a winner, a public and randomly generated number shall be used by means of the result of a pre-designated State of California Daily 3 or Daily 4 drawing, to be announced with the publication of the closing date, and whose outcome is strictly and solely used to determine the winning number for this Giveaway and no other purpose, to be used in the following manner:

If the entrant count is equal to or less than 1000 entrants, a Daily 3 drawing will be designated, and if the entrant count is greater than 1000 entrants, a Daily 4 drawing will be designated. Each entrant will be assigned an equal and proportionate quantity of possible winning numbers from the respective draw pool, which will be listed beside their Entry ID on the matrix; unassigned numbers will be listed separately below for purposes of triggering a subsequent redraw; thus each entrant will have an equal probability of one of their winning numbers being drawn.

The winning number shall determine the first winner. Next, the top and bottom neighboring rows to the first winner will constitute the neighboring prize winners. Continuing in the same outward direction, the next neighboring top and bottom rows, respectively, will determine the next two winners. In total, five winners will be chosen. For purposes of determining neighboring winners, the top-most and bottom-most rows of the matrix will be considered to wraparound and neighbor each other.

In the case of necessary redraw, the next scheduled drawing shall be used to determine the winning number.

Five prizes will be awarded in the Giveaway:
No more than three (3) 50ml bottles of Dub (Retail value of $160.00);
and / or up to five (5) Deluxe Studio Series Sets containing Sets 11 and 12 with a current Discovery Set Upgrade (Retail value of up to $99.00)

Prizes shall be distributed starting with the first winner and proceed to be distributed to each subsequent neighboring winner, alternating top side then bottom side, until all five prizes are distributed. In any case of a disqualification, alternating row distribution will continue until all five prizes are distributed.

If a winner is an established collector of the Studio and has purchased directly from the Studio any Perfume Discovery Set, Studio Series Set, Studio Series Subscription, or any full bottle between August 1, 2018 and on or before 11:59pm Pacific Time of the closing date, that winner will be awarded one (1) 50ml bottle of Dub.

Any other winner, or if all three (3) 50ml bottles of Dub have already been distributed, will receive one (1) Deluxe Studio Series Set with a Discovery Set Upgrade.

All prizes may be issued to the winners in the form of a non-transferable promo code linked to the winners' registered email address, and which the winner must use in the shop to redeem their prize. Promo codes have no cash value, are non-exchangeable and may not be sold or bartered, and are irredeemable for merchandise other than their stated purpose. Promo codes will have an expiration date; promo codes which are unclaimed or have expired will be considered to be forfeited.

Any prize substitutions are wholly at the discretion of the Studio.

Winners with domestic shipping addresses will also receive free standard shipping to fulfill their prize order.

Winners with international shipping addresses are responsible for all shipping fees, customs fees, taxes, duties, and other importation fees related to their prize order.

Winners consent to the publication of their first name and last initial, their general location, and their prize in a winners announcement to be delivered to all entrants. A similar announcement may also be posted on any social media accounts the Studio runs.

Any entrant who unsubscribes or whose registered email address hard bounces any email that the Studio sends, at any time during the Giveaway or prior to the determination of winners, will be deemed ineligible and disqualified from winning.

Industry-associated individuals and other entities including but not limited to perfumers, perfume brands, wholesalers, distributors, raw material suppliers, retail stores, influencer channels, previous collaborators or contract laborers, and anyone that the Studio determines wholly at its own discretion as an industry-associated individual or an employee of therein whose line of business is or is related to the creation, conceptualization, manufacturing, marketing, promotion, sale, or distribution of any perfumery, fragrance, or other consumer beauty product are explicitly ineligible for the Giveaway.

Any individual who has won any giveaway, either hosted directly by the Studio or by an entity with prizes supplied directly by the Studio explicitly for the purpose of an authorized giveaway on its behalf, on or since January 1, 2020, is ineligible to enter or win this Giveaway.

Entry is limited to once per individual. Any individual found to use multiple email addresses to submit multiple entries will be disqualified from this and all future giveaways.

Entrants determined by the Studio, strictly and wholly at its discretion, to be ineligible for the Giveaway will be disqualified from winning.

In all cases, any determination made by the Studio is final.

Any entrants who successfully enters the Giveaway but later wishes to remove themselves from the Giveaway should contact the Studio by replying to any Studio Update email using the email address with which they have registered and request removal from the Giveaway.

The Studio cannot be held responsible for any emails which are rejected by an entrant's email server or are otherwise undelivered due to network errors or any other technological errors or any algorithmic determination that may prevent any email from reaching its intended recipient or may cause any email to be delivered in a manner not immediately apparent (or instance, to a spam folder or promotions tab) to its intended recipient, thus resulting in deletion or ignorance.

By entering the Giveaway all entrants consent and agree to these terms and conditions in their entirety.

Entrants who do not consent and agree to these terms and conditions in their entirety should request removal from the Giveaway as directed above.

Any giveaways hosted by parties that are not Studio entities, for instance this website and its public social media accounts or via emails originating directly from the domain, are strictly under the control and direction of the individuals or entities running those giveaways using merchandise purchased or acquired by those individuals or entities without the explicit consent from the Studio to use that merchandise for the purpose of a giveaway.