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This page provides information for the Instagram / New Launches Giveaway being held beginning Sunday, October 27, 2019 on the @chris.rusak.perfume Instagram profile.

Entry is open to individuals using an Instagram account and with a valid shipping address in one of the countries presently listed on my SHIPPING page. Winners must be able to receive their prize at this address.

Individuals and Instagram accounts who have won any giveaway, either hosted by Chris Rusak or to which Chris Rusak has provided promotional material, in the past 365 days, are ineligible to win any prizes from this Giveaway.

Individuals must utilize Instagram stories to answer Quizzes posted on the @chris.rusak.perfume account during the allotted time they are available. Each correct quiz answers yields an individual ONE entry slot to this Giveaway. Multiple correct answers each yield an additional ONE entry slot to this Giveaway.

An individual's privacy settings MUST allow @chris.rusak.perfume to see their participation. Chris Rusak cannot be held responsible for missed entries if your answers are not displayed to him.

In order to ensure maximum fairness, I use the Daily 3 or Daily 4 numbers drawn twice-a-day by the State of California, solely as a random number generator for the purposes of choosing the winners of this Giveaway.

The Daily 3 and Daily 4 drawing pools contain 1000 or 10000 possible outcomes, respectively. If the total number of entry slots for this Giveaway is 1000 or less, the Daily 3 drawing will be utilized; otherwise, the Daily 4 drawing will be utilized.

The total number of entry slots will be determined and a proportionate number of possible outcomes will be assigned for each entry slot and distributed accordingly to each entrant. These will be placed into a spreadsheet matrix and posted on this page prior to the drawing for public examination. Unassigned possible outcomes will be designated as redraw numbers, and the subsequent drawing will be used to determine the winners. These redraw numbers will be listed in red at the bottom of the posted matrix.


THREE Winners will be selected in this Giveaway.

Winners who have purchased directly from the studio any Perfume Discovery Set or Studio Series Set prior to 11:59pm PT on October 31st, 2019 are eligible for a Deluxe Prize. Otherwise, winners will be eligible for a Standard Prize.

Deluxe Prizes
ONE — 30ml Timbre EdP Spray Bottle with complimentary shipping.
TWO — $50 Unrestricted Promo Code good for any new purchase prior to November 24, 2019.

Standard Prizes
THREE — Studio Series 8 Set with complimentary shipping.

The Monday Midday, November 4, 2019 Drawing will be used to select the winning number for this Giveaway.

The entrant whose number matches the winning number will be the first winner, and in the case of a deluxe prize have preference to select their prize. The top- and bottom-neighboring entrants of the winning entrant on the matrix will constitute the second and third winner, respectively, and in the case of deluxe prize winners similarly pick their chosen prize from the remaining pool.

A maximum of TWO international prizes will be awarded.

Regretfully, if you have entered but reside in a country to which I cannot ship, and you cannot receive your prize in a country that I do, your prize will be forfeited and redrawn.

Taxes, duties, customs fees, and any VAT or other similar governmental or brokerage fee related to international shipments are strictly the responsibility of each winner and must be paid locally before or upon receipt of shipment.

Winners will be contacted directly via Instagram and must respond within 48 hours to their prize announcement, otherwise their prize will be considered to be forfeited and subject to redraw.

In all decisions and in any case of a redraw, while trying to remain as fair as possible, my ultimate decision is final.