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Elegant angularity on a luxurious edge.

Caji is a unique, bracing foin coupe that unites the beauty of real hay and Jasmine sambac absolutes, with a generous usage of orris butter and an extreme dose of studio-tinctured civet, an animal musk, that has been aged for several years.

It jerks into motion as a short-lived hurricane of hallucinatory iris notes: a fatty blast of cucumber, violet leaf, and carrot seed that acts as a loud counterpoint to set course for later stillness. Sharp, almost sour florality contrasts a softened dried grass theme. Flora will fall away toward a core of genuine orris, a characteristically cool and chalky floral wax, that aims to present a note faithful to the material. Animalic undertones harmonize movement throughout the drydown before taking final full attention. A minimal inclusion of aged vanilla bean tincture levels the entire composition without adding confectionery qualities.

Caji is a contemplative perfume, the sort of pleasure perfect for a day of inclement weather spent indoors, relaxing in comfort. It layers extremely well with itself. As such, a single-spray starting point can prevent overwhelming all its varied intensities and allow its user to playfully fine-tune its tone like a stereo's equalizer by varying a reapplication timescale.

Due to its composition of 80% natural materials, it is my belief this perfume will mature gracefully over time, darkening and deepening, providing gratification for collectors who prefer vintage styles and time's slow hand.

Spray bottles are hand-signed in enamel. No added colors.

New to the studio? Every Discovery Set contains a sprayer sample of Caji.


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