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Prismatic saffron, damp wood, tenebrous ambergris, wet tobacco, burnished sandalwood, and rusted-tin ashcan play out harmonically on an elongated timescale as a kaleidoscope turning around the color Ochre.

Structured on tobacco absolute, real Santalum album oil, and a restrained touch of tonka bean absolute, Ochre proceeds from the crisp freshness of an outdoor morning through the dimming daylight that desaturates our field of vision.

Ochre is quite tenacious, with a dry-down that can stretch into the next day, and progresses towards lightness after its spacious opening. Its atypical construction rewards attentive use as it leisurely refracts changes across the broad spectrum of shades of its namesake.

A perfume for gazing. It is the first in a series of three works on color.

Spray bottles are hand-signed in enamel. No added colors.

New to the studio? Every Discovery Set contains a sprayer sample of Ochre.


UNISEX — Built with everyone in mind.

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