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Survey of Liturgical Incense

Survey of Liturgical Incense

The importance of incense as an instrument for meditation, spirituality, or worship transcends a diverse array of belief systems, as well as being a beloved secular method for many to just perfume a space.

This kit contains 14 samples from 8 brands who market the various liturgical incense blends discussed in the current studio Zine. Some brands are mass-produced and widely distributed, others handmade and less-known. They represent a broad stylistic range of loose incense produced by industrial and monastic entities, crafted for use during church worship.

Every kit includes a copy of the Zine plus 30 charcoal discs so that you may immediately enjoy each sample in the traditional liturgical manner. It should provide you with a full month of incense exploration.

Because loose incense is highly variable, and these samples represent a diversity of textures and size in raw and refined materials, each sample contains approximately 9-10 grams, which is sufficient for 2 to 4 uses of each blend. Strengths vary, too, and small portions of several blends will perfume your space for 12-36 miraculous hours.

All types of incense and charcoal carry a risk of fire and must only be used while supervised, in an appropriate location with appropriate fireproof and heatproof containers, which you must supply. Incense and charcoal may be a choking hazard — keep out of reach of children — they should never be ingested, and are not appropriate for cosmetic use or manufacturing purposes. By purchasing this kit you agree to use its contents responsibly, for evaluation purposes only, and explicitly at your own risk.

(As of 8/16, orders shipping to Texas are being delayed due to excessive heat warnings.)

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