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Zine: Survey of Liturgical Incense

Zine: Survey of Liturgical Incense

The current studio Zine is a Survey of Liturgical Incense.

The importance of incense as an instrument for meditation, spirituality, or worship transcends a diverse array of belief systems, as well as being a beloved secular method for many to just perfume a space.

This 36-page zine explores and illuminates in a 9000-word essay 14 different commercially available loose incense blends produced by a variety of industrial and monastic entities who market their products as created for liturgical use.

Through a lens of perfume appreciation and recent cultural events, I write about the history of their production and the diversity of their compositions, dissecting each mix while analyzing their performance, quality, value, and atmospheric resonance. It highlights several brands that are handmade by artisanal monks, some of which are not widely known and are hard to acquire due to their limited production.

A valuable reference manual for any diehard incense collector.

Physical zines are now sold out.

New purchases are for a high-resolution digital PDF (150MB), available as an immediate download after checkout.

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