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After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body)

After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body)

After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body) is the newest studio release. It represents the completion of the AEOOJ Project, which debuted in Studio Series 8.

To date, very little information has been divulged about its concept or construction. When announced, only the acronym "AEOOJ" had been revealed — no notes, no ingredients, no influence or inspiration.

Since then, limited details were hinted, in order to offer collectors the opportunity to experience the fragrance with as little influence or bias before smelling.

The official studio notes and further details for this perfume are now public and hidden behind this link — After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body) Notes. Simply visit that page whenever you're ready to learn more about the notes or creation of this perfume.

Unisex — built with everyone in mind.

Eau de parfum. Spray bottles are hand-signed in permanent enamel. No added colors.

This production of AEOOJ (LMB) is a limited edition of approximately 400 bottles.

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