After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body) Notes

These are the hidden notes for After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body).

A perfume about trauma and decomposition.

The concept for After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body) began as a repetitive phrase echoing through my mind during a mental health crisis, the kind of lexical tether one grips tightly until psychotic waves subside and a tangible shore returns to sight. AEOOJ (LMB) attempts to capture a sensory warp we might experience during periods of extreme duress or strain.

It features a structure of pinyon pine resin — exudation a tree produces to heal from wounds to its shell — foraged from Inyo National Forest in July of 2019, utilized as a studio tincture. Pyrogenated amber and styrax resins join it and create a melting vinyl / burning plexiglass note. A triumvirate of three types each of patchouli, vetiver, and synthetic musk come together to simultaneously form notes of rubber, sweat, and an earthy, ethereal odor of black gold, the carbon-rich, moist organic fertilizer made by earthworms. Harmonic notes of acetone, gasoline, and petroliferous byproducts reference the imminent result of our collective decomposition back toward raw matter, long, long after every ounce of joy has left our bodies.

But — your hallucinations may vary.

Long-lasting. Idiosyncratic. Un/surprisingly wearable, like a fiberglass straitjacket.

Unisex — built with everyone in mind.

This production of AEOOJ (LMB) is a limited edition of approximately 400 bottles, restricted by the yield of the pinyon pine tincture.

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