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Being a Perfume Nerd

Studio Tinctures 
From left, studio-made tinctures of: the three fresh frankincenses present in Io; Madagascar vanilla beans; fresh opoponax resin; dried peppers; Rooibos tea, red then green; oolong tea.

As an indie perfumer, I enjoy making unique fragrances from natural materials. High-quality essential oils and fresh resins really help a perfume sing.

Hypernatural perfumes aren't necessarily better, but they are different than much of what's produced today, different like many early vintage fragrances.

In the tradition of early perfumers, I make many studio tinctures using methods found in historical perfume handbooks. These tinctures add a special, vivid quality that you don't always experience from contemporary synthetic chemicals. To finished fragrances they lend a depth and ineffability that you rarely find in a department store.

Creating original perfumes using classical techniques in an experimental style is just one of the things that makes me a #PerfumeNerd. It's passion meeting process. It's enjoyment of the resolute and handmade.

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