Leaves My Body

This is the archival record for Leaves My Body.
It was the twelfth studio release.
It sold out in December 2023 and has been retired.
The original formulation will not be remade.

Leaves My Body is a perfume extrait that builds off of After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body).

Much like its forebear, the notes for Leaves My Body are hidden, in order to give collectors who wish to experience the work without extraneous marketing bias the chance to do so.

Once collectors are ready, they can visit this link to learn more about its composition: Leaves My Body Notes

Nonetheless, from a chemical perspective, it is approximately 50% stronger and 30% more complex than the original, which is to say that this is not simply a higher dilution of the original formula, but rather a much more intense and tenacious variation on a theme, with a spectra of broader and differing notes.

Spray bottles are hand-signed in enamel. No added colors.