Beast Mode

This is the archival record for Beast Mode.
It was the seventh studio release.
It sold out in December 2023 and has been retired.
The original formulation will not be remade.

Minimalist weirdo. A creature of deception. Perfume nerdery.

Fifteen elements shape this pared-back composition, structured around a pulsating puzzle of black pepper, licorice, true tuberose, a studio tincture of Madagascar vanilla beans, and the sometimes-polarizing perfumery ingredient ambroxan.

Tempered by true civet, Beast Mode gently nods toward the animalic history important to the development of contemporary perfumery, as its name acknowledges the lexical phenomenon in the fragrance community of describing overpowering fragrances to be transmogrifying.

Beast Mode, an eau de toilette of deceiving strengths, posits an alternative kind of savage — one of cunning and intention rather than of ostentation and amplitude.

Spray bottles have hand-signed enamel bases. No added colors.