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After Every Ounce of Joy (Leaves My Body) and Beast Mode featured in the 2021 Kaitlin Phillips Xmas Gift Guide

Kaitlin Phillips writes on a spectrum that begins at Artforum, transverses the literary sphere of n+1, the fashion spiral of SSENSE and Vogue, and descends at New York Magazine. No less than two New York Times writers excitedly mentioned in their recent articles this year's Gift Guide upon its release.

On AEOOJ: "believe me when I say [it] smells like gasoline & smog & green urban decay, which is a convoluted way of saying it smells like Maria Wyeth."

Maybe Joan Didion wears AEOOJ? She seems more Beast Mode.

Featuring a stunning breadth of recommendations from the likes of painter Nicole Eisenmann, beauty consultant Alexis Page, and fashion editor Jacob Gallagher, the Guide is a literary marvel itself: Xmas Gift Guide for/from HOT GIRLS, GAYS, & POWER COUPLES & BOYS WHO BIKE AND DRINK VODKA

I'm evidently honored.

Phillips can be found on Instagram and Twitter.