Analog / Context FAQ & Terms and Conditions


How will items ship?
All items will ship via the United States Postal Service.

Will you notify me when items ship?
Generally, no. You will only be notified when items ship if they are packaged in a manner that requires tracking information. If we do not have a valid email address for you on file, you will receive neither shipping notifications nor tracking information.

Will you be selling any items separately at a later date?
Yes, but only Zines and samples. Physical Zines will be available at publication and digital copies may be made available after those sell out. Samples will be sold when production size allows for general public fulfillment, but may not be available, for instance for a special edition release.

I have a shipping issue... My address changed; I am going on vacation; etc.
Please reply to your order confirmation with your issue for prompt assistance.

I would like to purchase Context, do I also have to purchase Analog?
When you purchase Context you will also receive the contents of Analog, and the latter is inseparable from the former.

I purchased Analog but now I would like to receive Context; can I upgrade?
Yes. Please respond to your order confirmation with your request and we will accommodate if possible. Any accommodated requests may incur a nominal upgrade fee and may be at pricing different than currently listed.

Is Analog / Context available for international delivery?
No, not presently. Due to the serial nature of item production and shipment, international postage costs would become excessive. However, interested international collectors should contact the studio for details on reserving this project with consolidated custom shipping.


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These Additional Terms and Conditions for Analog / Context are in addition to the Studio's Terms of Service. By purchasing Analog or Context, you agree to both the Studio's Terms of Service and these Additional Terms and Conditions.

Because this project will be produced to a specific quantity based on the number of paid participants, and certain items will require significant lead time, all sales of Analog and Context are final. No refunds, pro-rated or otherwise, will be issued for any reason.

This is a project of a duration of approximately twelve to fourteen months. You will receive periodic shipments of the items produced as a result of this project on an unannounced basis. The kinds and quantities of items you will receive have not been completely determined at the time of your purchase. By purchasing this project, you understand that it is a project-in-process and agree to receive any and all of its items, as determined solely by the Studio, as complete fulfillment of your purchase.

You are responsible for notifying the Studio if your mailing address changes. Notify us of any mailing address changes or shipping issues by responding directly to your order confirmation. We will respond to all notices and confirm receipt of your change. If you do not receive a reply confirming receipt of your change within three (3) business days, please contact us again by emailing shipping [at] chrisrusak [dot] com. The Studio is not responsible for misdelivered, misdirected, undeliverable, or any returned mail if you fail to notify us of your address change.

If you purchase Analog or Context in the same order with any other merchandise, those other merchandise items will ship separately. If you select upgraded shipping at Checkout for any order that includes any other merchandise with Analog or Context, only your other merchandise items will ship via upgraded shipping. Items from Analog or Context will not ship via any upgraded shipping method.