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Analog / Context

Analog / Context

After 21 years in California, I made the exciting decision to relocate the studio to a new state.

Analog / Context is a project which will chronicle this transition and the new work that is created in the process. All of its elements will be delivered as tangible goods and none of its content will be published digitally by the studio for the duration of each project iteration.

This initial iteration will last for approximately one year, through at least July 2025.

Analog delivers works of an ephemeral, narrative nature in an irregular, periodic time frame, at least once a month. Items will be heavily driven by writing and photography as printed objects. You will receive all Zines published during this time, covering timely topics as well as interviews with other artists and writers, a minimum of three issues. You will also receive samples of any new limited edition perfumes launched during the iteration, including two works already in progress for winter release. 

Context delivers works of an essential, prototypical nature, on a similar irregular, periodic time frame, at least three times during the project's duration. Objects will be heavily driven by graphics and three-dimensionality, ranging from the collectible (e.g., photographs, artist sketches) to the consumable (e.g., incense). You will receive a sample of an in-progress special edition perfume to be launched no earlier than this winter but no later than the end of this project's iteration. Finally, you also receive everything contained in Analog above.

Pricing and availability are subject to change at any time without notice.

Click for frequently asked questions and terms and conditions for this project.

Items start delivering immediately after order confirmation. 

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