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Bluer Skies (Whenever You're Around)
Blue Skies (Whenever You're Around) packaging
Bluer Skies (Whenever You're Around)
Bluer Skies (Whenever You're Around)

Bluer Skies (Whenever You're Around)

"My experience with this scent has given me profound respect for perfumer Chris Rusak’s artistry and skill..." — writer Deana Joss at Enchante Fragrance

Los Angeles — a sensual epicenter encircled by fire-prone mountains beneath a sky of capricious smog and disco sunsets. Bluer Skies (Whenever You're Around) evokes a sense of being and creating here, finding inspiration despite its occasional gridlock of emotions and living for its fragrant nighttime blooms.

Opening notes of ozone and juicy fresh-cut apple lead toward an echoing conversation between coriander seed and galangal. These accords preface a central structure of true Santalum album sandalwood oil (just under 8% of the entire formula) and real Jasmine sambac. Tertiary saline, alkaline, and indolic features are complemented by patchouli and musks.

Sultry without being offensive or loud. Fresh and transparent. Modern and minimalist without lacking complexity. Tenacious and auratic, resolving to the creamy sandalwood character of the real essential oil.

The title of this perfume references the song "Miracles" by the Pet Shop Boys, whose lyrics celebrate the redolence and light a lover suddenly brings to the sky, whenever you're around.

Unisex — built with everyone in mind.

Bluer Skies (Whenever You're round) is sold out and has been retired. Its original forumlation will not be remade.

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