This is the archival record for Timbre.

The eau de toilette was the fifth studio release.
It sold out in October 2019 and has been retired.
The original formulation will not be remade.

The eau de parfum was the sixth studio release.
It sold out in November 2022.
There is no current plan to reproduce the EdP.

"refreshing, fresh and I just feel more energized when I breathe it in. Timbre is nourishment." — OG Perfume blogger, Victoria Jent at EauMG.

Fresh acidity. A greyscale of bitterness. Bright dryness.

Timbre exists on the sharper, harder edges of the woody-citrus genre. Fresh yuzu, pithy mandarin, and myrrh burst immediately and hang from an electric thread of real Vietnamese oud that acts as a linchpin throughout the composition. The woody twig snap of petitgrain and thumping green of galbanum follow, then lain upon a plank of kiln-dried cedar lumber, baking in the sun. A zippy, dry minerality creeps in the background, with a quiet, citric, resinous end note that holds a frayed-edge hologram of the earlier oud.

The first release of Timbre was an eau de toilette that stemmed from the Wood/Yuzu Project featured in the Studio Series.