This is the archival record for Resonance.
It was the eleventh studio release.
It sold out in April 2023 and has been retired.
The original formulation will not be remade.

Sappy resins. Multi-dimensional cedar. The end of a long hike.

Dried mandarin and yuzu peels meet galbanum, olibanum, and myrrh to form a super-saturated, sour and hallucinatory twist on forest incense perfumes. Sun-baked pine, cypress, and juniper woods support grassy, leafy, peaty, camphorated flashes that ultimately return the wearer to a trailhead, sweaty and mellowed out.

Made from 67% natural ingredients and bottled at a traditional extrait concentration, Resonance displays similarities in wear with both contemporary eaux de parfum as well as vintage-style eaux de cologne, making it somewhat hard to categorize neatly as an extrait, or an eau de parfum, or even a cologne.

Resonance is the completed remix project that unites the notes of Io and Timbre in an effort to discover common and new facets between the two perfumes, much like the practice of remixing music results in new perspectives of much-loved songs.

Spray bottles are hand-signed in enamel. No added colors.