Quasi una absurdia

This is the archival record for Quasi una absurdia.
It was one of three perfumes that premiered at studio launch.
It sold out in November 2019 and has been retired.
The original formulation will not be remade.

The escape to fantasy might be stronger today than it has been in quite some time, given the sheer volume of unrest presently happening worldwide. Quasi una absurdia inverts the artistic idea of something of a fantasy into the recognition that life today seems a bit irrational, unreasonable, and rather ridiculous ... something of an absurdity.

As such, Quasi una absurdia is a classical floral composition that contains an absurd(ly daring) percentage of true floral absolutes, rose otto, real civet, and tonka bean. Capturing a spirit of both carpe diem and days gone by, Q U A references historical lily perfume formulae with its vivid, fresh floral character underpinned by a plush base of vanilla and tonquin musk. Displays ethereal notes of mint, bergamot, orange blossom, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine grandiflorum, benzoin, and clove, and has a certain ineffable quality from the addition of a studio-made lily pollen tincture.

Eau de parfum.

Unisex — built with everyone in mind.