This is the archival record for 33.
It was one of three perfumes that premiered at studio launch.
It sold out in May 2020 and has been retired.
The original formulation will not be remade.

At its heart, 33 is a fresh green vetiver perfume. Crafted as a self-portrait signature scent, it unites three natural ingredients I most revere: Haitian vetiver, orris, and angelica root. I use both orris butter and orris resinoid to bring out its unique facets of paprika and cocoa powder. These are all supported by fennel, cypriol, and a tincture of hyraceum — a natural fossilized musk that I like to describe as the scent of a natural history museum. Branded with my lucky number, this perfume captures the dry, intense, and keen affect behind which this perfumer often resides.

89% natural ingredients. No added colors.

Eau de parfum.

Unisex — built with everyone in mind.