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Timbre + Studio Series Renewal

Timbre + Studio Series Renewal

Fresh acidity. A greyscale of bitterness. Bright dryness.

Timbre exists on the sharper, harder edges of the woody-citrus genre. Fresh yuzu, pithy mandarin, and myrrh burst immediately and hang from an electric thread of real Vietnamese oud that acts as a linchpin throughout the composition. The woody twig snap of petitgrain and thumping green of galbanum follow, then lain upon a plank of kiln-dried cedar lumber, baking in the sun. A zippy, dry minerality persists into the drydown, with a quiet, citric, resinous end note that holds a frayed-edge hologram of the earlier oud.

This is an eau de toilette that stems from the Wood/Yuzu Project featured in the Studio Series. It is a limited run and will not be remade once sold out.

Timbre wears like a cologne, meant to be enjoyed while its crisp citrus notes are fresh and not held on to for the years. Indulge. Moreover, it layers excellently with a variety of other perfume types and is superb for those who like (or need) multiple sprayings over the course of their day.

Unisex — built for women, men, and non-binary skin.

50ml spray bottles with hand-signed enamel bases. Artfully packed.

This bundle is for one 50ml spray bottle of Timbre and a Studio Series Subscription renewal for Sets 7/8/9.

Visit the Timbre page to only purchase a bottle.

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