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Studio Series Renewals

Studio Series Renewals

The Studio Series provides collectors with a wearable experience of perfumery-in-progress, as the artist experiences herself. They sample different moments in the chronology of perfume compositions and provide an opportunity to enjoy the mostly unseen, unsmelled variations a perfume goes through before completion. This reveals a unique olfactive narrative hardly found in large-scale commercial perfumery.

Studio Series 7 will contain continuing iterations of the Crisis Project, the Rose Project, and more. Ships June.

Thereafter the Studio Series will become triannual, with new sets released three times a year. In addition to perfumery-in-progress, each set will include unique artwork and collaborations featuring other artists, perfumers, and writers, all of whom will be compensated for their contributions. This will be an exciting venture!

Studio Series 8 will ship November/December 2019.

Studio Series 9 will ship March/April 2020.

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