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For an evening. Quietude despite intensity. Alleviation.

Relief is the newest studio release, a special edition eau de parfum.

Relief is built from a number of fine natural materials: a studio tincture of raw myrrh, oakmoss absolute, orris resinoid, true cedarwood absolute, Santalum album sandalwood oil, ambrette seed, tobacco absolute, and a rare absolute of the flower Nigella damascena which is often characterized as a thistle. Supporting notes of bergamot and tea beside pangs of warm peppercorn, violets, and hay field round out this breezy composition.

A mellow, but rich perfume, it performs with the chromaticity of an all-natural perfume (Relief is 61% natural absolutes and oils), but with a more generous tenacity. Due to the high content of these natural materials, it is my belief this perfume will mature gracefully over time for collectors who prefer vintage styles.

Relief is the result of the Involuntary Catharsis project, featured in Studio Series 10.

Only 50 bottles will be produced. Several of the absolutes are now irreplaceable and, as such, this release will not be remade.

Spray bottles are hand-signed in enamel.

Individual sprayer samples are now sold out, however a sample of Relief is included in each Perfume Discovery Set or any Studio Series 11 set.

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