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The Big News

Over the past few months I have been hinting and teasing big changes that were in motion. Today, I can finally announce that all of my studio operations now exist within a newly formed company:


Most importantly, what does this mean for you, fellow perfume lovers?

First, I hope this announcement underscores my commitment to not only producing exciting and collectible work, but also to produce more of it. By forming this company, the studio will now grow beyond the financial constraints many sole proprietors experience. The valuable support of partners ensures the characteristic high quality of my work in new projects created on a larger scale.

It does not mean I will begin releasing twenty-five lukewarm flankers every year. Sorry.

More seriously, this is about access, too, as my experience as an "artist" in the business market has often been one of rejection. The sad fact of industrial capitalism is that many businesspeople regard artists poorly, and refuse to work with you despite your talent or resources. This new formal organization is my chosen strategy to fight against that stereotype, because the fact is that many artists are incredibly adept businesspeople, creatively equipped to change the marketplace and society for the better.

Yet, I want to be clear that this moment is not one about selling out. We have all seen many brands gain recognition, outgrow and abandon their early supporters, then aimlessly devolve into repetitive blandness. I hope that you will believe my intention is not to "build a brand" and sell-out to a corporation. Rather, I aim to fortify and invigorate the studio practice I have passionately built over the past nineteen years.

And to do that with integrity.

I hope that many of you today are still interested in my work twenty years from now when we, together, look back on how much perfume has changed itself inasmuch as it has changed us. Today, this was the next milestone for me on that journey. Thanks for being here.

With gratitude, to new milestones!