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Studio Series RFP FAQ

Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in the Studio Series zine project. This brief FAQ explains what the Studio Series is and what my needs are from artists/designers with whom I contract. This is a paid project.

What is the Studio Series?
The Studio Series is a periodic, evolving project that unites perfumery, writing, and art, in an exploration and analysis of the processes and phenomena of fragrance.

Each Studio Series set includes a sample pack of experimental perfumes in-progress, an essay commissioned from a writer, and a zine/object commissioned from a designer/artist that contains a print version of this essay and the designer/artist's illustrative artwork in response. Sets also occasionally include samples of newly published perfumes being launched for sale.

Click to view the current Studio Series set for sale.

August will present Studio Series 10.
The studio has subscribers currently prepaid through Studio Series 12.

What needs to be delivered?

I require approximately 100 copies delivered for fulfillment; this number may change with each edition.

What are the design specifications?
Generally, the zine/printed object cannot be of a dimension greater than 3.75 x 6.75 inches, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

It must illustrate in a readable capacity the commissioned essay of between 800-1600 words.

Beyond that, I am looking for artists/designers to respond to the essay and/or overarching theme of any set with as much creative freedom as possible.

Our inaugural print edition is currently nominated for a Perfumed Plume Award, considered as one of the top fragrance industry accolades for perfume publishing. We consider this recognition to mark the importance of this project.

What is the budget?
The budget for the Studio Series is flexible and I do not work to a specific number.

When quoting your project, and in evaluating with whom I'd like to work, the quality of and labor required for the work is considered in tandem with the cost. Quotes should be exclusive of freight

CHRIS RUSAK /// LLC is an artist-owned studio, and this project was created with the specific intent of compensating writers and artists for their collaborative work while growing the written and creative discourse around olfaction/perfume/fragrance.

Keeping that in mind, all total yearly contractual payments that the studio makes to individuals must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service when $600 or more.

Contractors must furnish an IRS W9 with a valid taxpayer identification number prior to contractual agreement and disbursement of any deposit or payment.

I am interested or have more questions! What should I do?

Please email Chris Rusak at RFP [at] chrisrusak [dot] com with the subject title "Studio Series RFP" or contact me via direct message on Instagram or Twitter.

Thank you for your time!