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This page provides information about the TIMBRE GIVEAWAYS that are to be held for those entering on Facebook.

Entry was open to persons whose mailing address is on the list of countries to which I can ship.

One entry was granted per person to everyone who submitted a comment on the Facebook post at this link: FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY


YOUR COMMENT MUST BE VISIBLE TO CHRIS RUSAK PERFUME TO BE RECORDED. If your privacy settings preclude us from seeing your comment, your entry will not be recorded.

Winning entrants will be announced as a follow-up comment on the same post. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SEE MY COMMENT TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE. If you do not contact me or respond to my contact within 72 hours of your winning notification, you prize will be forfeited and redrawn.

Three winners will be chosen as follows:

In order to assure maximum fairness, I will use the Daily 3 numbers drawn twice-a-day by the State of California, solely as a random number generator for the purpose of choosing the winners of each Timbre giveaway.

Each entrant who leaves a comment in accordance with my posted rules will be listed in a chart. An equal quantity of numbers from the pool of 1000 (numbers 000 to 999) will be assigned to each entrant. In order to ensure an equal chance of winning, a small set of numbers (listed in red), will have been removed and will trigger a redraw if chosen.

Entry is now closed and all eligible winners have been drawn. The completed matrices are posted here for the public to verify validity and objectivity. To honor the privacy settings of entrants, names have been partially redacted. An unredacted version is available on Facebook.

Charts will be posted prior to drawing for public examination.

The Wednesday Afternoon April 24th drawing will begin to determine the first winner. Each subsequent drawing (Evening April 24th, Afternoon April 25th, and so on) will determine the next winner, if needed, until all prizes have been awarded.

Winners will receive a Deluxe Studio Series / Discovery Set Bundle, unless they have already purchased or received directly from my studio any Discovery Set or Studio Series Set; in thanks for their support, that winner will receive a 50ml bottle of Timbre or an equivalent credit towards an alternate studio purchase at my discretion. A maximum of ONE 50ml bottle will be awarded for this giveaway.

For purposes of this giveaway, purchases invoiced or complimentary shipments originating by April 23rd 2019, directly from Chris Rusak Studio, or earlier qualify an entrant to win a 50ml bottle of Timbre. (Purchase a Discovery Set today.)

Due to the complexities and cost of international shipping, international entrants are only eligible to win a Deluxe Discovery Set or an equivalent credit toward an alternate studio purchase at my discretion.

You may only win once. Persons who have won any other giveaway in the past 180 days which I have hosted or to which I have supplied promotional material are disqualified from winning.

Regretfully, if you have entered but reside in a country to which I cannot ship, and you cannot receive your prize in a country that I do, your prize will be forfeited and redrawn.

Taxes, duties, VAT, and any other importation or incidental shipping fees are strictly the responsibility of the winner.

In any case of a redraw, while trying to remain as fair as possible, my ultimate decision is final.