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Chris Rusak Featured on CaFleureBon

Chris Rusak Featured on CaFleureBon

I am so excited to be featured on CaFleureBon, one of the world's premier indie perfume websites! I am profiled as part of their American Perfumer series, which highlights the brightest talent here in the states. There, I tell my story about how I came to perfumery and some of my influences. An excerpt:

"Scent has always been my primary gateway to the world. My earliest memories are pinned to the odors which blanketed those moments: the cold metal and tile of the hospital when I broke my arm; the skunk cabbage in the swamps of the woods in which I played; the liquor of shucked clams ubiquitous at every family summer picnic. My most vivid sensory experiences, whether joyous or no, all seem to be first stamped with a record of its air."

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