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Variations/Meditations is an experimental perfume. Its name references two works by composers Arnold Schoenberg and John Coltrane, respectively, who both revolutionized compositional method in their field.

Variations/Meditations brings together discords of bitter and sweet elements through an experimental method of perfume composition, derived from repeated aural analysis of those two musical works.

With the bitterness of myrrh and galbanum pinned against the sweet florality of cassie and ylang ylang, this structure supports deeper notes of osmanthus, anise, and cedar. A sumptuous foundation of true civet vitalizes the whole construction and ensures reward to collectors unafraid to age it long-term.

This hypernatural perfume contains a total of 94% absolutes, oils, and isolates, with a conservative balance of synthetics used only to help unify the whole and further encourage fixation and projection.

This perfume was submitted to the Artisan Category of the 2018 Art and Olfaction Awards.

Vivid, tenacious, bittersweet animalic floral.

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