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Studio Series Perfume Sets

The Studio Series aims to provide collectors with an experience of perfumery-in-progress, as the artist experiences herself. They sample different moments in the chronology of perfume compositions and are all wearable. They provide an opportunity to enjoy the mostly unseen and unsmelled variations a perfume goes through before being deemed finished and reveal a unique olfactive narrative hardly found in large-scale commercial perfumery.

The current set, Studio Series 2, contains two sprayers and five sample vials, featuring fresh vetiver, smoky incense, and classic lily compositions. A vial of real orris resinoid in dilution is also included.

You can purchase a single set that ships immediately, or subscribe at a discount to also receive future sets every three months.

Studio Series 3 will premiere a sandalwood project using true Santalum album and a chypre project.

Studio Series sets include 5 to 10 samples of perfumes in various states of completion.

Samples come in an assortment of glass vials and 2ml glass sprayers.

No artificial colors or preservatives. Paraben-free & phtalate-free. Organic and non-GMO alcohol. Eau de toilette and eau de parfum strengths.


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